A bearing is a mechanical component used to support a rotating shaft, its main function is to reduce friction and support the rotating shaft. In mechanical equipment and tools, bearings are often used to support and rotate various rotating components, such as motors, engines, fans, transmission systems, etc.Remove welding spots on bearings.

Compared to other polishing equipment such as cloth wheel polishing machines, the bearing magnetic polishing machine can handle batch polishing of workpieces. After the bearing is polished, it can be separated from the steel needle by a sieve in batch, greatly improving work efficiency and polishing effect. Polishing can be done once every 3 to 20 minutes.

There are many types of bearings, including rolling bearings, sliding bearings, and ball bearings. Among them, rolling bearing is the most commonly used type of bearing, which is composed of inner and outer circular sleeves, rolling elements, and cages. Rolling elements usually use steel balls, columns, or rollers, which can roll between the inner and outer circular sleeves, thereby reducing friction and wear.

The bearing magnetic grinding machine is widely applicable, and the appropriate model should also be selected when selecting. Although magnetic grinding machines are powerful, they are not suitable for all factories. In different manufacturing industries, corresponding machines need to be configured. For factories with high production requirements. To achieve a reasonable allocation of bearing processing procedures. Make specific bearing grinding arrangements based on each process.

Ball bearing is a type of rolling bearing, whose rolling body is composed of spherical objects. It is more flexible and efficient than traditional rolling bearings, capable of working at high speeds and loads, and has a longer lifespan.
Sliding bearings are a common type of bearing that, unlike rolling bearings, work by reducing the friction between the shaft and the bearing through friction. A sliding bearing usually consists of two surfaces in contact with each other, one of which is moving and the other is stationary.

Key operating points of the magnetic polishing machine for bearings: After turning on the machine, pour the bearings from less to more into the polishing bucket. The number and weight of the bearings are related to the size of the bearings, so the workpiece is slowly added and the rotation of the inverted workpiece slows down. However, the bearings cannot remain stationary. When the bearings do not rotate, the polished product liquid will be uneven, and the polishing time will also be unnecessarily prolonged. Before polishing, the surface of the workpiece must be cleaned of oil stains, as polishing fluid cannot remove a large amount of oil.Remove welding spots on bearings.

The selection of bearings needs to be based on specific working conditions and requirements, such as load, speed, working temperature, service life requirements, etc. At the same time, when using bearings, it is necessary to carry out correct installation and maintenance to ensure their normal operation and extend their lifespan.

Precautions for using bearing polishing needles

If there are too few polishing needles, it may result in defects such as poor bearing polishing effect and uneven effect. For newly prepared polishing needles, it should be noted not to have too many; If the content of bearing polishing needles reaches a certain equilibrium level, the polishing effect of the bearing will be better. Once the workpiece exceeds the set time and still cannot achieve satisfactory brightness, it is usually necessary to adjust the polishing needle or adjust the ratio directly related to the concentration of the grinding fluid.

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