multi-function magnetic polishing machine-Deep Groove Ball Bearing is a kind of common rolling bearing. Its structural feature is that the raceway between the inner and outer circular sleeves is spherical. Deep Groove Ball Bearing is widely used in mechanical equipment and tools because of its compact structure, large load capacity, wear resistance, smooth operation and low noise.

The Deep Groove Ball Bearing is ground and polished with the magnetic polishing needle under the work of magnetic induction effect. The grinding time is 5-15 minutes, forming the precision grinding work of removing burrs, chamfers, polishing, cleaning and so on.

The product is suitable for metal parts such as hardware, molds, machinery, zinc aluminum die-casting parts, stamping parts, springs, shrapnel parts, as well as electronic product parts such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras, etc. Precision grinding of non-ferrous metals, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, tin, gold, silver, and hard plastic parts with non magnetic materials.

The main structure of Deep Groove Ball Bearing includes inner sleeve, outer sleeve, ball, cage and other components. The diameter of the ball is usually half of the difference in radius between the inner and outer sleeves.

Advantages of Deep Groove Ball Bearing translational magnetic polishing machine.

Deep Groove Ball Bearing generally has single row and double row structures, of which single row Deep Groove Ball Bearing is mainly suitable for occasions with small axial load and radial load, and double row Deep Groove Ball Bearing is suitable for occasions with large axial load and radial load.

The Deep Groove Ball Bearing magnetic abrasive grinder is widely used, and the appropriate model should also be selected. Although magnetic grinding machines are powerful, they are not suitable for all factories. In different manufacturing industries, corresponding machines need to be configured. For factories with high production requirements. To achieve reasonable allocation of processing procedures. Make specific grinding arrangements based on each process.

The selection of Deep Groove Ball Bearing should consider the load, speed, working temperature, accuracy and other factors. When installing Deep Groove Ball Bearing, pay attention to reasonable adjustment of bearing clearance to ensure its normal operation during operation. At the same time, during the use of bearings, attention should be paid to maintenance, regular inspection of lubrication, timely replacement of lubricants and bearings, and extension of bearing service life.

Water level regulation of Deep Groove Ball Bearing magnetic polishing machine: theoretically, when the magnetic polishing machine is grinding and polishing, less water can save polishing liquid, which can facilitate the downward pressure of polishing workpiece (water has buoyancy). It is recommended that when the Deep Groove Ball Bearing is large and light. Try to have as little water as possible. For solid core workpieces, when weighing, it is recommended to add more water appropriately to facilitate the upward movement of the workpiece.

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