remove machining residues-Self aligning roller bearing is a type of rolling bearing with a structural feature of self aligning performance. It can maintain normal operation even when there is a certain angle deviation between the shaft and the bearing seat, thereby ensuring the operating accuracy and stability of the machine under various working conditions.

For precision self-aligning roller bearings, using ordinary polishing methods is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and manual labor is now expensive. However, magnetic polishing machines can effectively solve this problem. The magnetic polishing machine for self-aligning roller bearings utilizes its unique magnetic field distribution to generate a strong and stable magnetic induction effect, allowing the magnetic steel needle and self-aligning roller bearings to be fully ground in all directions and from multiple angles, achieving rapid removal of burrs and sharp edges, The effect of removing oxide film and sintering marks is more obvious for complex shapes, porous seams, internal and external threads, and other workpieces. And it does not damage the surface of the self-aligning roller bearing during work, and does not affect the accuracy of the self-aligning roller bearing.

Self aligning roller bearings are usually composed of components such as inner and outer cylindrical sleeves, rollers, and cages. The number of rollers is usually between 8 and 30, and the contact point between the rollers and the inner and outer circular sleeves forms a spherical surface. Therefore, self-aligning roller bearings are also called spherical self-aligning roller bearings.

remove machining residues

The Guangu environmentally friendly self-aligning roller bearing magnetic polishing machine utilizes magnetic field force to transmit to magnetic stainless steel needles; Generate high frequency rotational motion with self aligning roller bearings; The ultimate goal is to achieve the effect of removing burrs, polishing, and washing after polishing the precision self-aligning roller bearing. The environmentally friendly self-aligning roller bearing magnetic polishing machine is sold both domestically and internationally. This product technology is an innovation in the handicraft industry, hardware industry, and electronics industry in recent years.

The structure of self-aligning roller bearings is complex, suitable for high-speed, high load, vibration and impact loads, and widely used in fields such as metallurgy, mining, and heavy machinery.

The environmentally friendly self-aligning roller bearing magnetic polishing machine is more suitable for removing machining residues on the surface of small and complex parts, such as watches, glasses, electronic components, and various hardware accessories.

When using self-aligning roller bearings, it is necessary to pay attention to the installation and adjustment of the bearings. Correct installation and adjustment are important guarantees for ensuring the normal operation of bearings. During the use of bearings, regular lubrication and maintenance are required to extend their service life.

The purpose of the magnetic polishing machine for self aligning roller bearings: suitable for various precision parts such as light iron metals, non iron metals, hard plastics, etc., and can complete precision grinding work such as removing burrs, polishing, and washing in one go; Suitable for grinding and processing various irregular parts, holes, pipes, dead corners, gaps, etc; Mainly for the above parts, precision grinding operations such as removing burrs, polishing and cleaning in the jewelry industry, polishing the surface of finished products, removing oxide films, removing dirt and corrosion, and treating sintering marks are completed.

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