How to polish-Clothing metal accessories refer to metal materials or components used for decoration or reinforcement on clothing or clothing. Metal accessories for clothing and clothing usually require surface treatment to improve their brightness and aesthetics. Magnetic polishing machines can remove dirt, oxides, and scratches from metal surfaces in a short period of time, making the surface of accessories smooth and uniform, and increasing their surface smoothness.

Jewelry sample polishing test

The following are some common metal accessories for clothing and clothing-How to polish:

Button: A button is a metal accessory used for fixing and beautifying clothing, pants, hats, etc.
Zipper: A zipper is a metal accessory used for quick connection and separation, typically used for coats, pants, shoes, etc.

Hooks and eye buckles: Hooks and eye buckles are metal accessories used for connecting and fixing, typically used for underwear, pants, etc.

Buckle: Buckle is a metal accessory used for connecting and fixing, usually used for belts, handbags, etc.

Beads: Beads are a metal accessory used for decoration, usually used in dresses, jackets, bags, etc.
Pin buckle: A pin buckle is a metal accessory used for fixing, usually used for flags, dresses, robes, etc.

Decorative nail: Decorative nail is a metal accessory used for decoration and fixation, usually used in jeans, jackets, shoes, etc.

There are a wide variety of metal accessories for clothing and accessories, which are often used for decoration and fixation of clothing, and can play a role in beautifying and strengthening functions.

Different accessory materials, colors, shapes, and designs can bring different styles and characteristics to clothing.

Clothing and clothing metal accessories are treated with a magnetic polishing machine for surface treatment. The magnetic polishing machine is easy to operate and has significant effects, and can save time and cost during mass production.

The principle of magnetic polishing for clothing accessories is to put metal accessories into a container and rotate them together with grinding steel needles to generate friction and abrasive impact force, causing oxides, defects, stains, etc. on the metal surface to be removed. Meanwhile, due to the rotational motion, the magnetic polishing machine can polish the uneven parts of the metal surface, making it smoother and smoother.

Before using the magnetic polishing machine, it is necessary to select a suitable grinding steel needle according to the material of the metal fittings and the surface characteristics of the workpiece to be treated. In addition, it is necessary to maintain appropriate water temperature and abrasive density during use to ensure that the magnetic polishing machine can work in the best state and achieve the desired polishing effect.

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