How to deal with laser sintering?Laser sintering of metal surface is a common metal processing method. To carry out laser sintering treatment on the metal surface, the following steps can be followed:

Cleaning the metal surface: firstly, the metal surface must be cleaned to ensure that there are no impurities or grease on the surface. This can improve the effect of laser sintering.

Setting laser parameters: Set appropriate laser parameters according to the required machining results and metal types, including laser power, frequency, pulse width and scanning speed.

Pretreatment: Before laser sintering, some pretreatment operations can be carried out, such as grinding or polishing the metal surface. This is helpful to improve the flatness and uniformity of laser sintering.

Laser sintering: laser is irradiated on the metal surface, which is heated and melted. By controlling laser parameters and scanning trajectory, different machining effects can be achieved.

Free sample of magnetic polishing machine
Free sample of magnetic polishing machine

Post-treatment: After laser sintering, some post-treatment operations are needed, such as cooling, cleaning and rust prevention. This helps to protect the metal surface and improve its durability.

How to deal with laser sintering of metal surface?

It should be noted that laser sintering is a complicated processing method, which needs experienced professionals to operate. Before laser sintering, it is necessary to know the physical and chemical characteristics of metal materials, and choose the appropriate laser parameters and processing methods according to the actual situation.

Polishing the metal surface after laser sintering is a treatment method to make its surface smooth. Polishing can remove the uneven surface left by laser sintering and improve its surface quality and appearance. The following are the steps of polishing the metal surface after laser sintering:

Cleaning the metal surface: firstly, it is necessary to clean the metal surface to facilitate the operation of the polishing tool. Use warm water mixed detergent or other special cleaning products for cleaning.

Use a grinder for preliminary polishing

put the metal surface on the grinder and use an appropriate polishing brush and grinding head for preliminary polishing. This helps to remove the rough part of the surface and make its surface smoother.

Manual polishing: For small parts, manual polishing tools can be used for polishing. Manual polishing can process specific areas or shapes more finely.

Re-polishing with polishing agent: After manual polishing, a soft cloth wheel or polishing brush can be used to dip the polishing agent to polish the metal surface again. Polishing agent can be selected as required.

Cleaning the metal surface: After polishing, the metal surface needs to be thoroughly cleaned to remove any remaining polishing agent or impurities. This helps to ensure the quality and durability of the metal surface.

It should be noted that proper protective equipment, such as gloves, protective glasses and masks, should be used during polishing to ensure the safety of operators. In addition, before polishing, we should check whether there are any damages or cracks in the laser sintered parts, and repair or replace them if found.

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