solutions of burr in punching net-The burr of punched screen refers to the protrusion and extrusion around the hole when punching the punched plate. The main reasons include the following aspects:

Tool wear: after long-term use, the stamping tool will wear and the sharp corner will become dull, which will lead to the unsmooth edge of the stamping hole and burr.

Improper adjustment of the punch: If the gap between the upper die and the lower die of the punch is uneven or too large, it will also lead to the deformation of the punched plate during punching, resulting in burrs.

Improper surface treatment of sheet metal: If there are oxide scale, rust and other substances on the surface of sheet metal, it will affect the cutting effect of stamping cutting edge, resulting in burrs.

Uneven hardness of materials: If the hardness of stamping plates is uneven and some areas are relatively hard, it will exert greater resistance on stamping tools, resulting in burrs.

Too fast stamping speed: if the stamping speed is too fast and the contact time between the stamping tool and the plate is short, it is easy to produce burrs.

Free sample of stainless steel magnetic deburring
Free sample of stainless steel magnetic deburring

In order to solutions of burr in punching net, the following measures can be taken:

Replace the stamping tool regularly and keep its sharpness;

The adjustment problem is solved by adjusting the clearance of punch and cleaning the surface of plate.

Cleaning the surface of the plate before stamping;

Select the appropriate stamping tool according to the hardness of the plate;

Control the stamping speed to avoid being too fast.

Burr will affect the appearance and quality of punched mesh, and may have a negative impact on subsequent processing and use. The following are some common methods to remove burrs:

Manual removal: Use metal file, sandpaper and polishing cloth to remove burrs manually. This method is suitable for a small number of products or small parts.

Mechanical removal: use special deburring machine or rotating brush to carry out automatic deburring treatment. This method can effectively remove the burr of large quantities of products.

Chemical removal: use chemical etchant or etching solution, smear it on the punching plate, and remove burrs through corrosion. This method usually needs to be carried out in a specific environment and requires careful operation to avoid material damage.

Laser removal: deburring with a laser. Laser has high accuracy, high efficiency, safety and reliability, and is usually applied to parts with complex shapes or high requirements.

When selecting the deburring method, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as product type, cost and production efficiency. In addition, attention should be paid to ensure that the surface of the material is not damaged during of burr in punching net.

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