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Manufacturer of magnetic grinding and polishing machine, capable of removing multiple problems on metal surfaces in bulk and at once.magnetic polisher

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Guangu magnetic polishing machine

One of the top ten brands of magnetic polishing machines in China“

Guangu Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of magnetic polishing machines

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Magnetic polishing machines have a wide range of applications

Magnetic polishing machine is suitable for industries such as hardware parts, automotive parts, aerospace, medical device parts, etc

  • Chip Removing
  • Deoxidation layer
  • Remove welding spots
  • Remove blade pattern
  • Scratch removal
  • Degreasing

Magnetic polishing machines can remove defects such as burrs, oxide layers, and stains from the surface of workpieces, thereby improving their surface quality and smoothness, making them smoother and brighter.

Why Choose Us

Magnetic polishing has many advantages compared to traditional polishing

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The use of magnetic polishing machines can achieve automated production, greatly improve production efficiency, shorten production cycles, and reduce labor costs.

Introduction to Usage

Simple equipment operation

Batch processing of surface issues of metal workpieces can be done in just a few steps


Grinding steel needle

Choose the appropriate model of grinding steel needle


Grinding and polishing

Add polishing solution and workpiece, grind for about 15 minutes



Dry the excess moisture on the surface of the workpiece and compare the effect before and after polishing

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Magnetic polishing machine has obvious polishing effect

Equipment parameters

Different equipment models

Different models can handle different quantities of workpieces at once



Frequency conversion magnetic polishing machine GG8720

  • Grinding tank size: φ520
  • Equipment size:840*810*1088
  • Motor power: 4.0KW*1
  • Machine weight: 218KG
  • Grinding capacity: 0-18KG



Simplex translation magnetic polishing machine GG8850

  • Grinding groove: 800*520
  • Dimensions: 1100*720*1088
  • Motor power: 4.0KW*1
  • Machine weight: 288KG
  • Grinding capacity: 20-30KG



Double station translation magnetic polishing machine GG2380

  • Grinding groove: 2200*520
  • Dimensions: 2380*720*1088
  • Motor power: 4.0KW*1
  • Machine weight: 660KG
  • Grinding capacity: 50-70KG
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Our achievements over the years as a Polishing Equipment company

Our equipment is suitable for these workpieces: 1. Precision hardware stamping components. 2. Stainless steel parts, 304 stainless steel screws and nuts. 3. Magnesium aluminum die castings. 4. Zinc aluminum die castings. 5. Precision springs and spring parts. 6. Electronic, computer, communication components. 7. Centerless, cutting, CNC automatic lathe parts. 8. Aerospace, medical device parts.

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“The Guangu magnetic polishing machine has saved me a lot of time.”

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“Guangu magnetic polishing machine has good performance and excellent quality.”

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Guangu Magnetic Polishing Machine is sold overseas and has won a lot of praise

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