We have a large number of customer case that demonstrate the polishing effects of different workpieces.

our Cases

Our most classic customer Case

Our case includes various types of metal workpieces from various industries.

shaped tube

Polishing of irregular holes


Deburring of aluminum die castings

Copper parts

Removing oxide layer on copper parts

copper tube

Copper tube inner hole polishing

stainless steel parts

Polishing and deburring of stainless steel parts

Cutting parts

LPolishing and deburring of laser cut parts

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Magnetic Polishing Machines Have A Wide Range Of Applications

Magnetic polishing machine is suitable for industries such as hardware parts, automotive parts, aerospace, medical device parts, etc 


  • Chip Removing,Deoxidation layer
  • Remove welding spots,Remove blade pattern
  • Scratch removal,Degreasing
Equipment Parameters

Different equipment models

Different models can handle different quantities of workpieces at once



Frequency conversion magnetic polishing machine GG8720

  • Grinding Tank Size: Φ520
  • Equipment Size:840*810*1088
  • Motor Power: 4.0KW*1
  • Machine Weight: 218KG
  • Grinding Capacity: 0-18KG



Simplex translation magnetic polishing machine GG8850

  • Grinding Groove: 800*520
  • Dimensions: 1100*720*1088
  • Motor Power: 4.0KW*1
  • Machine Weight: 288KG
  • Grinding Capacity: 20-30KG



Double station translation magnetic polishing machine GG2380

  • Grinding Groove: 2200*520
  • Dimensions: 2380*720*1088
  • Motor Power: 4.0KW*1
  • Machine Weight: 660KG
  • Grinding Capacity: 50-70KG