Guangu Magnetic deburring polishing machine Name: GG8850 translation single magnetic field, basic information is as follows:

Dimensions: 1100*720*1088mm

Magnetic deburring polishing machine Grinding groove size: 800*520mm(square bucket)

Power supply: AC380v(50Hz)16A

Motor power: 4KW*1

Equipment weight: 288KG

Grinding capacity: 20-30KG

Operation mode: positive and negative rotation and translation

Magnetic grinding steel needle: 8kg, made of imported SUS304 stainless steel, specification diameter: 0.2-2.00mm.

Lapping liquid: 50L

Motor speed: 1400 RPM

1 inverter control panel (Delta brand)

Magnetic deburring polishing machine Precautions for using steel needles:

1. Magnetic steel needles can be used multiple times continuously. 2. Magnetic steel needles are small needle like objects that should be handled with caution when used. 3. When the magnetic steel needle is not in use, please clean and dry it before storing.

Whether using wire cutting or laser cutting for sheet metal cutting, there are more or less burrs around the edges. For precision sheet metal cutting parts, ordinary polishing methods are time-consuming and labor-intensive, and manual labor is now expensive. However, magnetic polishing machines can effectively solve this problem.

Magnetic polishing machines use their unique magnetic field distribution to generate a strong and stable magnetic induction effect, allowing the magnetic steel needle to interact with the workpiece in all directions, Fully grind from multiple angles to achieve rapid removal of embroidery, burrs, and edges, as well as the removal of oxide films and sintering marks. The effect is more pronounced for complex shapes, porous seams, internal and external threads, and other workpieces. And it does not damage the surface of the workpiece during work and does not affect the accuracy of the workpiece.

The Guangu magnetic polishing machine utilizes magnetic field force to transmit magnetic stainless steel needles; Produce high-frequency rotational motion of the workpiece with a clamp; Finally, the effect of removing burrs, polishing, and washing the precision workpiece after polishing is achieved. The Guangu brand magnetic polishing machine is sold both domestically and internationally. This product technology is an innovation in the handicraft industry, hardware industry, and electronics industry in recent years.


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