The equipment parameters of the magnetic polisher GG8720 are as follows:

Model: GG8720

Brand: Guangu

Product Name: Magnetic Polishing Machine

Power supply: AC380V(50\60HZ)16A

Equipment size:840*810*1088

magnetic polisher GG8720 Grinding tank size: φ520

Motor power: 4.0KW*1

Machine weight: 218KG

Operation mode: forward and reverse

Maximum processing capacity: 0-18KG

Polishing effect study: After rough polishing, the surface is smooth but dull, and there are even and detailed grinding marks observed under the microscope, which need to be eliminated by fine polishing. The speed of the rotary table can be appropriately increased during precision polishing, and the polishing time should be appropriate to remove the damaged layer of coarse polishing. After fine polishing, the polished surface is as bright as a mirror, and no scratches can be seen under the microscope’s bright field of view.

However, under contrasting lighting conditions, grinding marks can still be seen. The polishing quality of the polishing machine seriously affects the organizational structure of the sample, and has gradually gained the attention of relevant experts. In recent years, a large amount of research has been conducted on the performance of polishing machines both domestically and internationally, with many new models and new generations of polishing equipment being developed from manual operation to various semi-automatic and fully automatic polishing machines.

Time adjustment of magnetic polisher GG8720

For the initial test, the time setting is determined by the product’s requirements, and can be adjusted to a moderate length of time. The product can be taken out midway to check the polishing effect until satisfactory. At this time, record the time, and then polish similar products according to this time setting.

The Guangu magnetic polishing and grinding machine efficiently and conveniently removes defects, particles, and other foreign objects on the surface of the topcoat. Small size, light weight, and good usability. Due to the principle of a universal magnetic field, the magnetic polishing machine is less prone to accidental damage and excessive grinding, and there are no defects or particles left after grinding.

Magnetic polishing machines are widely used in various fields, which can improve the efficiency and quality of surface treatment. Magnetic polishing machine is widely used in many fields, such as automobile, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, electronics, optics, medical and other fields. With the continuous expansion of domestic and international markets and increasing demand, the prospects of magnetic polishing machines are also becoming increasingly broad.


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