In manufacturing industry, surface treatment is a crucial link, which directly affects product quality and performance. As a new type of surface treatment equipment, magnetic polishing machine is gradually receiving widespread attention due to its advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection and easy operation. However, for many enterprises, the high cost of magnetic polishing machine has become the main factor restricting its application. This paper will focus on “the use of magnetic polishing machine cost is high” to discuss, aiming to provide relevant enterprises with reference and suggestions.

Cost of Magnetic Polishing Machine

Purpose of the study

The purpose of this paper is to understand the cost of polishing machine, through comparison with other polishing methods, to objectively assess the economics of magnetic polishing machine. At the same time, this paper will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic polishing machine, to provide a basis for enterprises in the selection of suitable polishing equipment.

Research Methods

This paper will adopt the methods of literature review, field survey and statistical analysis to carry out the research. First of all, through the review of relevant literature to understand the principle, characteristics and application of polishing machine in various fields; secondly, through the field survey of some enterprises to understand the actual use of magnetic polishing machine and cost; finally, the resulting data are statistically analyzed to arrive at a comprehensive evaluation of the use of magnetic polishing machine cost.

Research results-Cost of Magnetic Polishing Machine

Through the review of the literature and field investigation, this paper arrives at the following research results on the use cost of magnetic polisher:

The acquisition cost of magnetic polisher is high. As the magnetic polishing machine adopts advanced magnetic field control technology, numerical control technology, etc., it makes the manufacturing cost of the equipment relatively high.

The operating cost of the polishing machine is low. Magnetic polishing machine does not need to consume a lot of electricity in the operation process, and maintenance costs are relatively low. At the same time, due to its use of non-contact polishing, reducing the waste of material and tool wear.

Magnetic polishing machines are more efficient to use. Magnetic polishing machines can be automated and precisely controlled, significantly improving productivity and polishing quality.

Magnetic polishing machine has less impact on the environment. Since the polishing machine does not produce a large amount of waste liquid, exhaust gas and dust and other pollutants during operation, it can effectively reduce the environmental protection treatment costs.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Summarizing the results of the above study, the following conclusion can be drawn: although the acquisition cost of magnetic polisher is high, its use cost is not too high. In the long-term use of the process, the magnetic polishing machine’s high efficiency, environmental protection, easy to operate and other advantages can be reflected. For enterprises that focus on product quality and environmental protection, magnetic polishing machine is undoubtedly a very cost-effective surface treatment equipment.

It is recommended that enterprises in the selection of suitable polishing equipment, should be from the perspective of long-term development, give full consideration to the performance of the equipment, environmental protection, the use of cost and other factors. For enterprises with the conditions, magnetic polishing machine can be introduced to meet the demand for high-precision, high-quality products; for enterprises that do not yet have the conditions, can be shared through leasing or cooperation magnetic polishing machine resources to reduce costs and improve competitiveness. In addition, the government and industry organizations can also provide policy support, technical training and other measures to promote the widespread use of magnetic polishing machine.

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