Guangu Magnetic grinding machine name: GG2980(customized), basic information is as follows:

Dimensions: 2980*800*1088

GG2980 Grinding groove size: 2800*720mm(square bucket)

Power supply: AC380v(50Hz)16A

Motor power: 4.0kw*3

Equipment weight: 750Kg

GG2980 Grinding capacity: 60-80Kg

Operation mode: positive and negative rotation and translation

Magnetic grinding steel needle: 24kg, made of imported SUS304 stainless steel, specification diameter: 0.2-2.00mm.

Lapping liquid: 150L

Motor speed: 1400 RPM

3 frequency converter control panel (Delta brand)

Many manufacturers both domestically and internationally are troubled by the surface gloss and improper handling of burrs (burrs, cloaks) in their products. Although there are traditional grinding and polishing processes for removing burrs, as well as manual deburring, our products still have many problems. For example, in the traditional grinding and polishing process, it is easy to damage the workpiece, there are blind corners, and the product may deform or affect precision. In the process of manually removing burrs, it is inevitable to consume a large amount of manpower and material resources, and the time is slow; Burrs that affect the production progress of products and small gaps in precision inner holes cannot be manually achieved by us;

Following the problem will also arise. Many friends engaged in foreign trade know that the quality requirements for exported products are very high. With the increasing competition in the market, only by improving the quality of our products can the value of our products be reflected.

Instructions for selecting GG2980 steel needles

The thicker the steel needle, the stronger the polishing force. Of course, the polishing force can also be controlled by adjusting the working frequency of the polishing machine workbench. When choosing a stainless steel needle for the first time, it is important to have an understanding of the material of the processed parts. For parts made of harder materials such as stainless steel and iron, it is recommended to choose Φ Stainless steel needles above 0.5 are recommended for copper and aluminum parts with softer materials Φ 0 Stainless steel needles below 5. The aperture and other gaps of the parts to be machined determine the thickness of the steel needle abrasive. It is generally recommended to use a 5mm long steel needle for polishing.

Magnetic grinding machines have a wide range of applications, and when selecting them, it is also important to choose the appropriate model. Although magnetic grinding machines are powerful, they are not suitable for all factories. In different manufacturing industries, corresponding machines need to be configured. For factories with high production requirements. To achieve reasonable allocation of processing procedures. Make specific grinding arrangements based on each process.


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