Guangu small magnetic polishing machine name: GG8520, basic information is as follows:

Dimensions: 640*520*1088mm

Grinding groove size: 420*420mm(round barrel)

Power supply: AC380v(50Hz)16A

Motor power: 2.2KW*1

Equipment weight: 168Kg

small magnetic polishing machine Grinding capacity: 8-10KG

Operation mode: positive and negative rotation

Magnetic grinding steel needle: 3kg, made of imported SUS304 stainless steel, specification diameter: 0.2-2.00mm.

Lapping liquid: 25L

Motor speed: 1400 RPM

1 inverter control panel (Delta brand)

Now let’s introduce how to use the work panel of the device

The GG8520 device panel from left to right is the total time, positive and negative time, frequency adjustment, start switch, restart switch and total power supply.

Here’s a look at what they do and how to use small magnetic polishing machine:

Total time: The beat time required by the equipment to grind and polish a batch of samples can be adjusted by +- sign up and down, and the equipment will stop working after the set time.

Forward and reverse rotation time: the time of clockwise rotation and counterclockwise rotation. Normally, we set it as 03M03M, which means 3 minutes of clockwise rotation and 3 minutes of counterclockwise rotation. The positive and negative rotation time can be adjusted according to the demand of the product.

Frequency adjustment: the speed of the main motor is controlled by the frequency converter, so as to affect the speed of the magnetic needle in the grinding barrel during polishing and grinding. The higher the value, the faster the speed, and the lower the value, the slower the speed

Restart: Restart the device. After pressing it, the total time timer will return to zero, or after one working beat is finished, you can press this button to start the device again
Switch: Switch to turn on or off the device.

Main power supply: The main power supply switch of the device. If the device is not used for a long time or after work, the power supply of the device must be turned off.


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