Guanguu Magnetic grinding machine name: magnetic polishing machine GG1980, this equipment is customized, basic information is as follows:

Dimensions: 1980*720*1088

magnetic polishing machine GG1980 Grinding groove size: 1800*520mm(square bucket)

Power supply: AC380v

Motor power: 4kw*2

Equipment weight: 580Kg

magnetic polishing machine GG1980 Grinding capacity: 40-60Kg

Operation mode: positive and negative rotation and translation

Magnetic grinding steel needle: the material is imported SUS304 stainless steel, specification diameter: 0.2-2.00mm.

Lapping liquid: 100L

Motor speed: 1400 RPM

2 frequency converter control panel (Delta brand)

To improve the surface quality of metal workpieces, a magnetic deburring machine can be used to remove welding spots on the workpiece.

The future development prospects of the magnetic polishing machine GG1980 industry

For the manufacturing industry of mechanical equipment, it is not easy to make further progress, let alone ignore efforts, and it is difficult to maintain a leading position continuously. For the Guangu magnetic grinding machine, it is precisely the accumulation of quantity brought by every small progress that leads to every qualitative breakthrough for a long time.

Magnetic grinding machine products have always been the focus of continuous attention, bringing value to customers while also creating a large amount of tax revenue for the country. Success requires accumulation. Without small progress and accumulation, there will be no big progress. Only by doing well in small details can we break through ourselves. Without continuous hard research, there will be no successful day.

Magnetic polishing machine force (frequency) adjustment: The magnitude of the force is directly proportional to the processing efficiency. Strong deburring ability with high force, but easy to cast the surface of the workpiece into a mist (similar to sandblasting) shape. But with reflection, the brightness will increase.


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