Conventional size drawing of Guangu magnetic lapping needle model: (customizable)

Needle diameterSpecification and model
The 0.3 mm0.3 * 5 mm, 0.3 * 7 mm
The 0.4 mm0.4 * 5 mm
The 0.5 mm0.5 * 5 mm
The 0.6 mm0.6 * 5 mm
The 0.7 mm0.7 * 5 mm
The 0.8 mm0.8 * 5 mm, 0.8 * 8 mm, 0.8 * 10 mm
The 1.0 mm1.0 * 5 mm, 1.0 * 8 mm
The 1.2 mm1.2 * 5 mm, 1.2 * 8 mm, 1.2 * 10 mm
The 1.5 mm1.5 * 5 mm, 1.5 * 8 mm
The 2.0 mm2.0 * 5 mm

Key points for operation of magnetic polishing machine:

1. Before starting magnetic polishing, the surface of the workpiece must be cleaned of oil stains. Polishing fluid cannot remove a large amount of oil stains, otherwise the workpiece, polishing needle, water, and polishing barrel may turn black. 2: When cleaning magnetic polishing needles and polishing barrels, cleaning solution must be used.

The magnetic polishing machine breaks through the traditional vibration polishing concept and uses magnetic field force to drag stainless steel needle grinding material, generating rapid rotational motion, thereby achieving multiple effects such as deburring, polishing, and cleaning. The product summarizes a large amount of practical experience and is carefully designed. The magnetic field distribution is uniform, and the magnetic field drag force automatically rotates and reverses. The polishing effect is more uniform, and the surface of the object is smoother. The product effect far exceeds that of similar products in China! In addition, this product has a very high cost-effectiveness and can completely replace similar imported products. It is the first choice to save labor costs and improve work efficiency! This product adopts high-quality magnetic hinge transmission and microcontroller control, with complete motor protection. The model specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

Precautions for using polishing needles: If there are too few polishing needles, there may be defects such as poor polishing effect and uneven effect. For newly prepared polishing needles, it should be noted not to have too many; If the content of polishing needles reaches a certain equilibrium level, the polishing effect will be better. Once the workpiece exceeds the set time and still cannot achieve satisfactory brightness, it is usually necessary to adjust the polishing needle or adjust the ratio directly related to the concentration of the grinding fluid.

needle model video

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