The equipment parameters of the magnetic polishing machine GG8620 are as follows:

Model: GG8620

Brand: Guangu

Product Name: Magnetic Polishing Machine

Power supply: AC380V(50\60HZ)16A

magnetic polishing machine GG8620 Equipment size: 740*700*1088

Grinding tank size: 450*450

Motor power: 3.0KW*1

Machine weight: 188KG

Operation mode: forward and reverse

Maximum processing capacity: 0-12KG

Many manufacturers both domestically and internationally are troubled by the surface gloss and improper handling of burrs (burrs, cloaks) in their products. Although there are traditional grinding and polishing processes for removing burrs, as well as manual deburring, our products still have many problems. For example, in the traditional grinding and polishing process, it is easy to damage the workpiece, there are blind corners, and the product may deform or affect precision.

In the process of manually removing burrs, it is inevitable to consume a large amount of manpower and material resources, and the time is slow; Burrs that affect the production progress of products and small gaps in precision inner holes cannot be manually achieved by us; Following the problem will also arise. Many friends engaged in foreign trade know that the quality requirements for exported products are very high. With the increasing competition in the market, only by improving the quality of our products can the value of our products be reflected.

magnetic polishing machine GG8620 Precautions for using polishing needles

If there are too few polishing needles, there may be defects such as poor polishing effect and uneven effect. For newly prepared polishing needles, it should be noted not to have too many; If the content of polishing needles reaches a certain equilibrium level, the polishing effect will be better. Once the workpiece exceeds the set time and still cannot achieve satisfactory brightness, it is usually necessary to adjust the polishing needle or adjust the ratio directly related to the concentration of the grinding fluid.

The time required for magnetic polishing usually depends on two parts: firstly, the manufacturing process of the workpiece and the surface quality of the semi-finished product; The second is the required brightness for polishing. Of course, the polishing time is also affected by the content of polishing needles in the groove and the grinding fluid. Usually, the polishing time does not exceed a few minutes. If the polishing time is too long, it not only causes waste of materials and polishing fluid, but also may increase the occurrence of defects.


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