Guangu Magnetic grinding machine Name: GG1380 translation single magnetic field, basic information is as follows:

Dimensions: 1380*720*1088mm

Grinding groove size: 1200*520mm(square bucket)

Power supply: AC380v(50Hz)16A

Motor power: 4KW*1

Equipment weight: 410KG

Magnetic grinding machine GG1380 Grinding capacity: 25-35KG

Operation mode: positive and negative rotation and translation

Magnetic grinding steel needle: 10kg, made of imported SUS304 stainless steel, specification diameter: 0.2-2.00mm.

Lapping liquid: 50L

Motor speed: 1400 RPM

The magnetic polishing machine is designed for small hardware, small accessories, and other dead corners, with excellent inner hole treatment effect. It can achieve dust removal, burr removal, improve product surface brightness, and remove surface oxide layer, which is a characteristic that other types of polishing equipment cannot compare.

The selection of magnetic needles is mainly based on the quality standards of your product’s appearance. The thicker the steel needle, the shorter the grinding time, but the thicker the surface. On the contrary, the grinding time for finer steel needles is longer. If your workpiece has more dead corners, the finer steel needles will be ground to a higher position. Relatively speaking, the ground surface will be smoother and have a better feel.

Daily maintenance of Magnetic grinding machine

1. Polishing liquid splashed onto the machine should be wiped clean in a timely manner to prevent liquid damage to the surface of the machine. 2: Clean the surface of the machine with a cloth after use. 3: When not in use, cover the control panel with a plastic bag to prevent dust and dirt. 4: When placing the bucket, if there are polishing needles in the polishing groove, they should be cleaned in a timely manner.


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